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New world Transparent Specimen

what isNew world Transparent Specimen?

Transparent specimens ? they are far from what you might imagine from the word “specimens.” Although being organisms, they appear as if they were beautifully sculpted from minerals.

Originally, the method of making transparent specimens ? enzymatically turning the protein transparent, dyeing the bones magenta and dyeing the cartilages blue ? was established for scientific purposes to study the skeletal system. Taking this a step further to refine the form and coloration of the specimens requires time and experience.

I create transparent specimens as pieces of work that help people feel closer to the wonders of life.

People may look at my specimens as an academic material, a piece of art, or even an entrance to philosophy. There is no limitation to how you interpret their meaning.
I hope you will find my work as a “lens” to project a new image, a new world that you’ve never seen before.

Please enjoy the beautiful and wondrous world of “New World Transparent Specimens.”

Artist biography

新世界『透明標本』:Shinsekai [Toumei Hyouhon]
New World Transparent Specimens

冨田伊織:Iori Tomita

Born in 1983.

Graduated Kitasato University School of Fisheries Sciences.
While working as a fisherman, practiced his skill of making transparent specimens.
Launched his project “New World Transparent Specimens.”
Published a photograph collection “[Shinsekai] Toumei Hyouhon -New World Transparent Specimens-.”
Published a book “Toumei na Chimmoku.”
Made a presentation at the Shanghai Art Fair 2010.
Held a personal exhibition at the Kinokuniya Book Store, New York.
Currently continues to create transparent specimens, while actively presenting his work both in Japan and abroad.